Sports and Games

Physical Education plays an important role in overall development of a child, various kinds of drills and exercises help in developing the full potentials and smooth functioning of motor skills and promotes healthier lives, NVS being a pace setting institution is giving much importance to sports & Games activities in the Navodaya Vidyalayas. Our Vidyalayas have great potentialities and our children excelled a good performance in sports and games activities in the federation games/SGFI events.

It should be our endeavor that the Physical Education activities with normal levels of intensity and endurance should also have the pre-requisites like willingness, a commitment of time, a dedication to the work , though the process is hard and there is no substitute , so that all essential elements of fitness viz,. Cardio-respiratory endurance, speed, strength, stamina, coordination, flexibility, agility, power, balance and accuracy are incorporated.

In order to make the sports and games activities in JNVs more effective, the following details/guidelines are being provided as annexure for necessary further action at your end.

The PETs will maintain the records of achievements of children in various sports/athletics and games. The initial record at the beginning of year and the subsequent records of children be preserved and shown to inspection committee to ensure improvement in sports performance of children during the year.

The PETs producing more number of children performing well at national level are to be encouraged & Computerization of sports and games data in JNVs should be taken up with the help of FCSA and Administrative Staff . They should also maintain a diary like any other teachers duly indicating the coverage of syllabus in physical and health education, students profile in sports and games month wise, planning of morning/evening/special activities etc and the same should be periodically submitted to Principal.

The PETs will identify the innate talents of children who got admitted during the year 2005 and chalk out a plan of action before summer holidays for further specialized help during the year 2006-07. Need be, necessary assistance from the SAI coaches deputed in our other vidyalayas for different disciplines under NSTC scheme may also be taken for the All the PETs will prepare annual plan of activities before hand which includes daily plan of action for morning P.T & evening games. Detailed plan and schedule of implementation of P.T & Games & Sports including utilization of all available play fields, Staff members to supervise the events and committees formed for this purpose should be drawn and get approved by the Principal for implementation.

The performance of the students will be evaluated and the relevant records will maintained on weekly basis as a part of continuous comprehensive evaluation. Sports & Games activities should be an integral part of our education system to promote desired values in the students to achieve all round development.